about spanglemaker

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Spanglemaker has been spending their time in the studio recording their 5th album “deadlines.” The Onion Newspaper describes them as …”superior-sounding. The unabashed pop-rock nods to the current crop of tuneful U.K. bands like Coldplay, which makes it a pleasant standout in a city known for more rocking fare.” Indie rock with a definite britpop spin. Lyrically introspective and full of pop hooks, Spanglemaker may bring to mind the familiar, but defies categorization.

“What happens when a guy with depth and edge lets down his guard, who’s firmly planted feet make way for pop hooks that could make one giddy? Spanglemaker. Along the lines of Coldplay, U2, Travis, a hint of Billy Joel in the wings and Jeff Buckley, stirred with piano pop, bred with brit pop and smoothed together with a serrated knife, Spanglemaker is polished (with matte finish, not glossy) and forges the perfect balance between dark and bright.” – Tamara Turner, CD Baby

band members


Jake Sippel

Tim Phillips

Mike Magestro

Caly Phalen

Tom Palof